Final Entry

Hello reader,

My biggest regret for the semester is that I was not able to invest as much time in my blog as I wanted initially. For me it was a first time to write for the public and it was my first writing others would see. It was not just another news story which only my professors would read and grade. It was something more, but still I treated it as another homework and my only mission was to submit everything on time. I could not accomplish even that. Sometimes I was complaining about the tough subject, as I shared in my midterm post, it was quite a challenge to make this blog. Other times I was blaming on lack of time but, in the end there is no place for excuses, only results matters and mine are not so great.
My blog is failure for me, but still I managed to learn from my mistakes. I still managed to answer my question “how our professors spend their time in the college?”. By answering this question I wanted to hear not only the interesting stories of our professors, but to get relevant advice from them to teach my reader “how to college really good”.
I learned not to dwell on my mistakes. I learned to appreciate my university and try to get best out of its extracurricular activities. I learned to take something out of each class, no matter how boring each one seems. I learned to take the classes out of my comfort zone. I learned that there are no advice that works for everyone and we should follow our own path.
Except having incredible personal and blog journey, I had chance to become a better journalist. I learned the importance of social media. I tried being backpack journalism for the first time in my life and I did not expect to like it so much. I learned how to work in the teams of journalists and how importance it is to consider every small detail, while on press conference. In the midterm post, I wrote about more skills which I acquired in the beginning of semester.

It was a great journey, but it’s time to end it.

Don’t stay tuned in for next week’s blog post.


“I read like crazy”

Hello reader,

In this week, professor in the spotlight is Diego Lucci. He attended one of the oldest university in the world, University of Naples, which was founded in 1224. He enrolled in the school of humanities. At that time there was no separation between the Bachelor’s degree and the Master’s degree, students were studying for five or even six year and would get the degree equal to Masters  The university helped him for the “real world” life, it made him more independent.

“There are only urban campuses. They don’t have dorms. You have to find the room, you are on your own, and you have to organize yourself. You need a lot of self-discipline and that’s why many students don’t manage to graduate.”  Said Prof. Lucci

He had to wake up every day at 6:45am to go to the university. During his first year and second year, he had classes at 9am and it took the bus two hours to get there because of the traffic. Sometimes when situation with the traffic was critical, he was getting of the bus and would walk one or two kilometers to catch another bus. He had to go the university four times per week, so he spent around 16 hours per week on the bus, sitting or standing. It sounds as something impossible for AUBG students, but professor Lucci managed to use this two hours for his main hobby, reading. He was reading novels, history books, philosophy books and more.

“I read like crazy.”

He did not have any party life in his university, he was studying and reading a lot, plus he was spending 16 hours per week on the bus. There was just no time for it.

His only regret is related to his Ph.D. if he could go back, he would make it in U.S., because the degree from there is more respected than European one and he still suggests everyone to go states from their Ph.D.

“I don’t think they give you more, it is just prejudice that exists in the world.”

Traditionally, I asked Prof. Lucci for one advice for AUBG students.

“Take all the opportunities that you can, to develop, to self-develop, because when the real life will start you will have to take care of many, many, many other things. Use this four years of your life for self-development as much as you can. It’s important to go partying and have a beer, but keep in mind that you are here to study and self-develop.”

Stay tuned in for my final posts.

“I never had a student social life”

Hello Reader,

It’s another busy Monday and it’s time for another blog post.

Prof. Sean Homer is in this week’s spotlight. His student life was rather unusual and different from other professor’s ones. He decided to work after finishing the high school and only enrolled in the university when he was 26 years old. He was working as a social worker and a filmmaker.

“When I left school, I wanted to be in real world. So I went out in real world and I worked. I had all kinds of job over the eight year, before I realized that real world does not really exist anyway and it’s not very nice, so I would eventually do what I wanted to do more than anything, which is my passion, which is read literature”

As a late student, he had an unusual student lifestyle. He was working during his studies to fund his education. Whenever he was not busy with studying or working, he was spending time with his children.

“I never had a student social life”

The good side of being late student was that he had no fear regarding the unpredictable and scary real world or about his future life. Going into the university was his mature and measured decision.

Because of not having the ordinary student life, most of his ups and downs in the university was related to the academics. The most important achievement of his undergraduate studies was “graduating and getting a first”. A “first” means first First-Class Honors. Approximately 15% of the students graduate with the first-class honors.

“I never expected to get a first. I never worried about my GPA, I never really worked towards my GPA. I just did what I wanted to do.”

Prof. Homer does not have any regrets about his university life, because he does not believe in regrets. He think we all make mistakes.  Every mistake teaches you something and helps you to learn more.

Traditionally, I asked Prof Homer to give one advice to the AUBG student.

“I don’t have an advice to give, I don’t believe in giving advice. I don’t believe we have any words of wisdom to tell you, I think, students simply should follow their own desire.”

Stay tuned in for the next week post!

The Semester in Tweets

Hello reader,

Today I learned about the Storify. The app that every blogger should know about, it helps you create the story from the the tweets, the facebook statuses and even instagram photos. As a part of the assignment I made the timeline of  our class using the tweets. We learned how to shoot and edit video, how to make the slideshows and the polls. We had to make news story in the limited amount of time and learned to use the tweeter efficiently and effectively.

  1. After we choose the instrumental we started working on audacity. Our task is to attach the instrumental to the audio soundbite. #JMC_AUBG
  2. I think I got a new habit to tweet on Mondays from 12 till 3, even if I am not in class #JMC_AUBG
  3. Now it’s a midterm time! We got a challenging assignment to find the latest news on our …
  4. I hardly imagine that the middle of our MMJ project came… waiting for a snowy second half 🙂 #JMC_AUBG @melodyMN
  5. @melodyMN showing us how the news spread of the Dark Knight shooting in Colorado last year. The power of Twitter!

“Wait, let me the put foot in my mouth…”

Hello reader,

It has been a long time, since I posted in-depth professor’s profile. The reasons being the busy midterm’s week, totally unproductive fall break, procrastination and many more, but it’s time to go back to the work and this week in the spotlight is Prof. Michael Cohen.


Prof. Cohen received his undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. He was reluctant to go to college at that time, because he was travelling around, hitchhiking and working in the different places. His mother was one who had influence on him to go to the school. He got there with no clear idea, what he was going to major in. The university had t

So, he decided to follow the path of literature in the middle of his studies.he great theater department and he was passionate about it, but there was no theater major.

“I always loved the literature, writing and reading. University had a great literature department, so it became self-apparent after a while.”

Despite the fact that Prof. Cohen decided to major in literature, he still relates the theater to the most memorable moments of his student life. He managed to get the major roles in the theater, where he had to perform in front of the thousand people.

“That was the peak experience”

The most of the parting he did, revolved around the theater department too. According to him he was the less party animal in the college, than in high school. He decided to take a rest from the wild partying life in the college. The most bizarre party, which he attended was in the Brown University, where he got his master’s degree and it was a NAKED PARTY!

“You know, just sitting, hanging out, drinking a beer, smoking a cigarette… but you are naked”

Prof. Cohen was straight A student in the last three years of college. He had a class in Eastern Philosophy, which he dropped, because he got B on his first exam. If he could go back in time, he would probably give himself more flexibility in terms of the classes and would take classes to get the basic knowledge in different subjects.

“I wish I had taken economic classes and other subjects I was interested in, but I was like so many students here, I was obsessed with my kind of obsessed with my GPA.”

Traditionally, I asked Prof. Cohen to give one advice to the AUBG students.

“Try to find the value in every class, maybe in some classes it seems impossible, but just stop doing it as something that just have to get out of the way. Each of these professors devoted their life to the subject. It’s not just teaching it, it’s not just about the paycheck. This is something that they find as the most significant, kind of lens perspective on the world. So, there are really things to value in every class”

Stay tuned in for the next week’s post!

if you wonder about the title, I asked him permission to take a photo and he said: “Wait, let me the put foot in my mouth, you know, like in that English expression”

My Journey….. So Far

Hello reader,

It has been eight weeks since I started Freshmen with PhD. It is only the half way of my journey, but I already encountered the problems and learned the important lessons.  Writing blog about the professors was harder than I expected, it was awkward to ask them certain questions or it was hard to share the personal opinion about some topics in the blog posts. It was challenging to arrange the meetings and I was trying to keep interviews as short as possible.

If I had to go back in time and choose the topic for my blog, I would choose the same. Despite of all the challenges that I had, I managed to have the great conversations and find out more about our professors. In my first post, I said that reason why I started this blog was that.

 “They can teach us more than in-class material, they can give us great advise about the life and especially about the college life.”

Fortunately, I was right. I learned how to throw a beach party  and why should I be happy that I study in AUBG. The advice which the professors gave to students were very useful to me and I’ve had good feedback from my readers about it too.

From Diligent Student

“Don’t dwell on mistakes you make, don’t feel sorry for yourself, if you screw something up, move forward and just accept that you will make mistakes and that’s okay. Making mistakes is alright, but accept that you made a mistake and move on, don’t try to blame somebody else for your mistake”

From Historian, Soccer Player, Music Admirer…. 

“Use first two years to explore yourself, take different courses and try to understand what kind of person you are, and then you have two more years to follow your interests. Try to understand who you are, nobody knows what they want to be when they are eighteen, that’s very rare.”

I made several interview, which never became posts or I am keeping them for future and they contain even more interesting material. So stay tuned in for the next blog post!

New Trend in Hiring Faculty

Hello reader,

AUBG welcomes back the three former students, who decided to become the professors in the university where they started their academic career.  Prof. Marenglen Berisha, Prof. Rossen Petkov got their bachelor degrees from AUBG and Prof. Nickolay Nedelchev started as an AUBG student, but decided to transfer in the United States to finish his studies. They all joined business department in the beginning of this fall semester. For more information about new professors check out AUBG daily’s articles: An Old-New Face, New Faculty Vol. 1 and Alumnus turned to Finance Professor.

Is it good to have an alumnus as a professor in AUBG? To find out, I decided to interview Vlad Muntean, junior from Moldova, who is taking Marketing Research class with Prof. Petkov. Muntean enjoys class and thinks that it is different from other class.

“It’s really different, mainly because of professor’s approach. He tries to come with more practical approach, we do reading and prepare for class, but during the class we mostly concentrate on practical examples and we try to discuss more current topics.”

He thinks that hiring alumni is good for university because professor knows how it like is to be an AUBG student and for AUBG it is very important.

“AUBG is kinda different from any other universities, especially in Bulgaria and in Easter Europe region. They [Alumni] know what are professors required and how the classes go and how the preparation goes. Having this experience give them more insight how to prepare students.”

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